Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Jay Goodrich shows how he set up one of the many images created for his recent mountain biker story

As you review his previous stories for our Singh-Ray blog, you'll quickly realize Jay Goodrich is a very busy professional writer and photographer, as well as a born teacher. Based in La Conner, Washington, he is always ready and eager to share his experiences. "When shooting any assignment," says Jay, "I try to look at everything and anything that a photo editor could use to illustrate the piece. On a recent assignment for Dirt Rag Magazine to illustrate an article I proposed about the mountain biking scene in Eagle, Colorado, I did just that. My mission was to create an article that connected the diversity of the people who live there -- everyone from professional athletes to builders to cowboys. I understood this diversity of characters because I spent twenty years of my life living there before moving to Washington state. This was the overlying mission. The conceptual idea prior to traveling back home.

"In the time it took for me to get the project accepted and the time that I actually allotted to create the imagery for the story, I experienced some personal events that greatly changed my perspective on life. I decided what I wanted to write about as I spent twenty hours driving from Washington back to Colorado. In that time, I also came up with some image ideas.

"I knew I would need to connect a relatively fit and calculated group of people -- the mountain bikers -- to a more laid back group -- cowboys, hunters, and various others. And this interaction was going to have to occur during the after hours of the locals’ scene. So shooting just mountain biking was a very small part of the whole project. To produce this article, I created close to 5,500 images. I decided that the images needed to be captured with a more journalistic approach. This led me to try creating every image 'in-camera,' to cut down on editing and mastering time. Singh-Ray LB Warming Polarizers, Graduated Neutral Density Filters, and the 8-stop Vari-ND Filter were all a large part of nearly every image created. This video illustrates just one image out of all those thousands. The whole project provided only a single week to create all the images. Having my Singh-Ray filters with me helped me make sure I could do such a high-volume project, knowing the images would not require substantial post-processing work."

Jay writes regularly for Outdoor Photographer magazine and teaches workshops all over the world. Visit his blog for more information and additional articles on a life of discovery through the lens.

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