Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Joe Dimaggio reminds us our nation's flag is never a cliche, no matter where or how it waves

By now, globe-trotting photographer Joe Dimaggio has seen his country's flag flying in many places around the world, under all kinds of conditions and wherever he turns. "So the question recently came to my mind, 'Has our flag become a visual cliche for photographers? Do we have all the flag images we need?'

"For me, the answer comes back, 'not for this guy.'

"Some photographers may think the 'stars and stripes' might be a visual cliché by now, because we see it every day and everywhere we go -- whether it's a country schoolhouse in Iowa, or on leather jackets and bumper stickers from New York to Los Angeles, or in countless other places and forms. The American flag has beautiful colors, great design and balance, and when flying in a strong wind, it makes an even more powerful statement to me.

"While on a run one day, I spoted this flag. I first spent a couple of minutes just observing it blowing in the wind. I made a photograph that was intentionally high key to isolate the flag from the surroundings. Then I visualized it mirrored it into a 'V for Victory' and had an assistant assemble it in Photoshop. For me it’s simple, clean and elegant. Thank you Betsy Ross and all those who have defended our nation since July 4, 1776."

Joe and his partner JoAnne Kalish are based in New York, they travel the globe on various photo projects as well as operate the DiMaggio/Kalish Learning Center. To learn more about their workshops and special events, visit their website. And be sure to stop by Joe's Blog.

Editor's Note: Singh-Ray's offices will be closed July 4 to observe the holiday with friends and family. We would like to wish you all a safe and inspiring Independence Day.

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