Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Singh-Ray's New Instructional Video takes you into the field with Tony Sweet, Cole Thompson and Adam Barker

We are pleased to introduce our new instructional video program, "Using Singh-Ray Filters in the Field" with Tony Sweet, Cole Thompson and Adam Barker. In this video program, these three top professional photographers walk you through working in the field with their favorite Singh-Ray filters. The program includes real-time "live view" demonstrations showing how each filter helps to improve your image in-camera, and on-site. You'll see demonstrations of Singh-Ray ND Grads, Reverse Grads, Vari-ND, Mor-Slo, LB Warming Polarizer, Gold-N-Blue Polarizer, and more. The program is loaded with tips to make the most of your filters when you're out in the field.

Our thanks to MasterPhoto Workshops for their help in producing this video for Singh-Ray. You'll find full-length DVDs and downloadable programs by these and other top professionals at their website, MasterPhotoDVD.com.

Special thanks also to Tony, Cole, and Adam for their assistance in preparing this video. Of course, you'll find more information about each photographer on their website: TonySweet.com, ColeThompsonPhotography.com, and AdamBarkerPhotography.com

We hope you all enjoy this informative video, and if you have further questions about their demonstrations, be sure to check out this blog for more detailed information and discussion from each of these photographers and many others, covering the full-line of Singh-Ray Filters.

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John B. Mueller said...

Really informative video and helps even the most experienced landscaper get an idea of what is possible with some of the non-conventional filters out there. Thanks to all involved. Now I'm going to be saving up to justify the blue/gold and the Vari-N-Duo.