Tuesday, December 09, 2008

To get the image he came for, with no time to spare, it was Singh-Ray filter time!

When Shane McDermott recently visited Lake Basin in the San Juan Mountains of southwest Colorado, he was hoping to photograph mountain waterfalls. "Luck was on my side when I found this one," he says. "What made this waterfall so intriguing was that it was actually flowing right out of the mountain -- emanating from an underground source fed by a melting ice pack somewhere higher up the mountain. It appeared that the mountain was actually weeping!

"When I arrived, I noticed a big storm moving in. The light was changing extremely fast, and the dark thunderheads started to really subdue the colors. Because the two features I wanted to bring to this scene were increased color enhancement and a slower shutter speed to blur the water, I quickly decided to stack my trusty Singh-Ray LB ColorCombo and the 5-stop Mor-Slo filters on my lens.

"I also decided to make two images -- one using the ColorCombo and Mor-Slo filters and one using no filter -- to demonstrate the comparative benefits of using these two versatile filters. To properly compare the subtle, but important, differences between the two images, click on the image above.

"Both images were processed with exactly the same adjustments. The differences we see between the two images are the result of the two filters I used at the time of capture. By using my various Singh-Ray filters in in the field, I'm able to save much valuable time in post processing. Whenever I can enhance color saturation by using the LB ColorCombo in the field as the imsage is captured, it allows me to skip that step in my post processing. "In fact," adds Shane, "I'm not a digital artist. My image file adjustments are limited to color, contrast and sharpness. That's why the ColorCombo is such an important tool for me."

To fully appreciate Shane's special talent for using his Singh-Ray filters in the field, you will want to monitor his website and blog.

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