Friday, October 24, 2008

Singh-Ray's new Vari-N-Duo proves to be the perfect choice to capture a Harbinger

As a serious fine-art photographer specializing in black and white images, Cole Thompson was recently invited to try Singh-Ray's new Vari-N-Duo Polarizing Variable ND Filter. "I've been a big fan of the Vari-ND for some time," says Cole, "but I wasn't sure what benefit I could get out of having an LB Polarizer built into the filter. I put the new filter in my bag anyway.

"Soon after, I began a new 'Harbinger' series of photos of solitary clouds hovering over some sort of equally interesting landscape -- quite aware that this would be a project that might take many years. What is the Harbinger series about? I don't like interpreting my images for others, but the word 'harbinger' is a hint. It's a noun meaning anything that foreshadows a future event; omen; sign.

"Fast forward to September, I'm spending two weeks alone on the Bandon, Oregon coastline using my Vari-ND extensively. Up until now I've not had a lot of need for the new Duo filter, but suddenly I see a lone cloud out over the ocean! I want a 30-second exposure for the water but I don't want the sky washed out. Suddenly I remember I have the Vari-N-Duo for testing.

"This image required both a long exposure for the water and a darkening of the sky to bring out the solitary cloud... a perfect application for this new filter! The image was easily captured with the Vari-N-Duo plus an additional ND filter to provide a 30-second exposure. The resulting photograph makes a fine addition to my Harbinger portfolio (I'm up to three images now).

"So now I'm thinking," says Cole, "that even if I don't run into a lot of situations where I need such a filter; whenever I do, my Vari-N-Duo will be a life saver."

To see Cole's entire Harbinger portfolio and his many other uniquely graphic landscapes, head for his website now.


Xavi Fuentes said...

Excellent series, Cole... your recent projects get better and better :-)

Xavi Fuentes said...

Every new series is breathtaking... Cole`s work is wonderful...