Friday, August 29, 2008

At the end of the rainbow, LB ColorCombo helps lucky photographer land the big one

Even though outdoor photographer Jamie Fullerton lives in Seattle, Washington, he had never visited the popular Snoqualmie Falls. "Although it is only 20 minutes from my home," says Jamie, "I had simply never made it there. Over the last few days, however, I finally made a visit -- actually three visits! During my second visit, I made my way down to the spill pool where the water drops 268 feet from the top of the falls. The water level is very high right now, due to all of the snow melt up in the mountains. It didn't take me long to notice two fishermen standing on top of an exposed rock in the middle of the river. I promptly threaded my LB ColorCombo onto my Canon 24-70 f/2.8L and made the shot above. Nice.

"While I was quite pleased with the perspective I'd captured, I felt that something was missing. I was really excited about the idea of improving upon this concept, so, a few days later, I went back a third time at around 4:30 pm to scout the location again. I waited around for about 2 hours, watching another pair of fishermen work that same rock while also tracking the slow but steady movement of a rainbow across the scene.

"While waiting, there was time to consider that I had never photographed a scene that included a rainbow. I understood the physics in play -- sunlight being refracted and reflected within water droplets. Then I wondered about the sunlight coming from behind me while using a polarizer. Rather than panic, I explored the problem head-on by removing the filter from my lens and placing it up to my eye. Then I turned it slowly and watched the scene change. A few minutes later, I clearly understood what the camera would see through the remounted polarizer.

"At about 7:00 pm, just as the light and the rainbow got really sweet, the two fishermen came back to shore with only one catch. I nearly cried at the thought of waiting all this time only to have the subjects leave at the perfect moment. As one fisherman was packing up his gear, the other went back for a few more casts. Here again, I used the 24-70 f/2.8L and LB ColorCombo combination to make this shot.

"When I loaded up the image on my monitor, I already knew what to expect. Really nice! Yes, I admit it. I was grinning all the way home. Once again, the LB ColorCombo really came through! I'm just thrilled with it."

For more visual thrills, be sure to stop by Jamie's website and have a look around.

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