Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Veteran professional puts his Gold-N-Blue to work on corporate and advertising shoots

From their studio in Milford, PA, globe trotting Joe DiMaggio and JoAnne Kalish do a lot of still and video work for an impressive list of corporate and advertising clients. "On a recent assignment for a truly luxury boutique hotel," says Joe, "my Singh-Ray filters literally saved the day by 'recreating' a relatively mundane but important interior shot.

"Very early in my career, I learned that clients sign the checks. Being a fine photographer is not enough; you want to make your client part of the creative process. When I realized my client was so proud that every room of his hotel featured not only one, but two flat-screen televisions, it became obvious we had to show off the televsions which we did -- by photographing them with great action, sports, and animals shots displayed on the screen. They liked this approach but I sensed more was needed. At that point I went to my trusty Gold-N-Blue Polarizer and came up with these two very strong, elegant yet simple photos. They loved them -- and when the client is happy, I'm happy. That's why I keep my Singh-Ray filters in my bag; for just this kind of situation.

"The same Gold-N-Blue Polarizer came through again when, as luck would have it, we had some miserable weather for a shoot in South Beach. There weren't any great sunrises or sunsets to be had. It's totally gun metal grey. If you needed an 18% grey card you could aim your meter anywhere. While waiting for the weather to change, I decided to let Singh-Ray change it for me. These two images made the climb to the top of the building -- which was not the easiest -- well worth the effort."

When Joe and JoAnne are on the job, they like to keep their shooting process simple. "Just about the only 'extras' we use are our Singh-Ray Filters," says Joe. "They always pay their own way."

You can learn more about the many projects Joe and JoAnne are currently involved in -- including a documentary film on the world of boxing, "The Last Melting Pot," and new instructional "Sights Unseen" DVD -- by visiting their up-dated website. You can also learn more about their workshops and fine art photography.

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