Monday, February 04, 2008

Rainbow is LB polarized with not a moment to spare

From his home in Hawaii, Dewitt Jones, one of the "right-brained" columnists for Outdoor Photographer, sends proof that his photographic reflexes are as sharp as ever. "When shooting landscapes," says Dewitt, "we don’t often think of quick responses, but there are times when the truly great light lasts only for a second.

"As a beautiful sunset faded in upcountry Molokai, suddenly a rainbow materialized. It would have been a good grab shot but not a great one. I wanted more. I needed to pop the rainbow and, at the same time, brighten back the colors of the sky to where they had been.

"I reached in my bag for my Singh-Ray LB Warming Polarizer. It was the perfect filter for this situation. Its lighter brighter density would not only let me (and the autofocus on the camera) see the image clearly, but also let me shoot at a faster shutter speed than denser polarizers (truly important here as I was hand holding the camera).

"The polarizer itself did a great job separating the rainbow from the background, while the added warmth tinged the clouds with color. As an added plus, the thin mount of the filter kept it from vignetting with the wide angle lens I was using.

"Click, click, click....the rainbow was gone. But I had the shot!"

For more fine examples of Dewitt's creative adventures, visit his website at and follow his columns in Outdoor Photographer.

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