Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Singh-Ray's drop-in Warming Polarizer is geared especially for super-long-lens shooters

Outdoor photographer Ethan Meleg loves what polarizers do for him. "I use them for almost all landscape photography with my wideangle to medium telephoto lenses. I'd have to say most of my best landscape photos have been made with Singh-Ray polarizers.

"In the past," says Ethan, "there have been many times I've craved a polarizer while shooting birds and wildlife with my 500mm and 600mm Canon super-telephoto lenses. However, the Canon drop-in polarizer especially designed for these big lenses -- which features a handy geared wheel on top that lets you easily rotate the filter -- presents a problem. The standard polarizing filter in the unit soaks up 2 precious f-stops of light and requires a much slower shutter speed. With long lenses, slow shutter speeds tend to magnify camera shake and image blurring, especially when you're shooting in low light.

"I was elated to hear recently that Singh-Ray can upgrade the Canon drop-in filters -- simply by replacing the stock polarizing filter with an LB Warming Polarizer from Singh-Ray. The LB is 2/3 of an f-stop brighter, which means that it only costs you 1-1/3 stops. That's a difference of almost a full-stop. With a super-telephoto lens, that often means the difference between an image that's a critically sharp 'keeper' and one you simply delete.

"To illustrate just how well my drop-in LB Polarizer performs, I photographed this American alligator basking in early morning light at Loxahatchee NWR during my recent visit to Florida with and without the polarizer. I was using it with my Canon EOS 1D Mark IIN and my 500/4 IS lens. When you compare the upper photo taken with the LB Polarizer and the second taken with no filter, you can see how the polarizer cut the glaring reflection off the gator and helped improve color saturation throughout the photo. To get adequate depth-of-field, I was working with a fairly slow shutter speed of 1/100s. Compared to the "standard" drop-in polarizer, the brighter LB Warming Polarizer provided almost a full f-stop more light, which helped achieve a sharp image in the relatively low light."

To keep up with Ethan's latest photographic adventures, be sure to visit his blog.

To upgrade your drop-in polarizer, you'll need to ship the drop-in polarizer that fits your lens to Singh-Ray along with payment for the LB Warming Polarizer glass plus $50 custom mounting fee ($260 + shipping). This service is also available for our Gold-N-Blue Polarizer ($240 + shipping). For more information, call Singh-Ray at 863-993-4100.

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