Monday, January 28, 2008

LB Warming Polarizer tames the light on sunny Galapagos Islands

Rick Walker sends these three wildlife shots he made using a 300mm lens on his Nikon D3. "These images were taken while on a recent shoot in the Galapagos Islands off Ecuador," says Rick."On my arrival, I promptly realized the Singh-Ray LB Warming Polarizer was just the right choice for photographing the fascinating creatures I found there. It really helped me deal with the strong sunlight and high-contrast lighting conditions I encountered almost everywhere I went. It was especially helpful in capturing the full details in the dark lava and tide pools as well as minimizing the many distracting reflections in the bright surf.

The little bit of added warmth this polarizer provides fully restored the colors as I saw them in the original scene and rendered the sea lions, iguanas, and crabs in a very natural manner -- without the blue tint often created by traditional polarizers. The higher light transmission of this filter enabled me to easily handhold my 300mm 4.0 AF-S Nikkor lens. By foregoing the use of a tripod, I greatly increased my mobility. There was also an improvement in autofocus performance because of the greater light transmission. The 300mm AF-S Nikkor and LB Polarizer proved to be a perfect combination for these shots!"

In addition to his photography, Rick Walker teaches photo workshops and serves as co-host of the podcast program, "The Image Doctors", a biweekly photographic discussion. "Although our podcast discussions focus on Nikon users," says Rick, "most topics are of interest to other serious photographers as well. The podcast is available at this link:, and an iPod is not required to listen to the programs -- any computer or device that can play MP3 files will work." Rick's website is

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