Tuesday, July 24, 2007

An image well worth wading for!

When Ethan Meleg spotted these Blue Flag Iris recently in a wetland near his home in Wiarton, Ontario, he quickly made his move.

"I knew the exact shot I wanted," Ethan recalls. "A wide angle perspective that would emphasize the flowers within their habitat. After trudging out to the flowers in my waders, I set up my Canon 1DS II with the EF 17-40mm lens on the tripod and waited for the pastel sky just after sunset. It was already getting quite dark.

"Holding a reflector and pressing the shutter with one hand, I handheld my 3-stop hard edge Singh-Ray ND Grad in front of the lens with my other hand. It's always a trick to hold onto all the gear when you're knee-deep in water, slowly sinking in muck and being eaten alive by mosquitos." Ethan adds, "My exposure was 5 seconds at f16 and ISO 200. All the gear and I soon returned home safely--along with the exact shot I wanted."

Be sure to visit Ethan's website for more examples of his nature photography, plus tips and plenty of other valuable information.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Download the Singh-Ray Brochure

Want to learn more about Singh-Ray Filters? Download our brochure in handy PDF format. Inside, you'll find details on our products along with example photographs and testimonials from nineteen of the top outdoor photographers working today! Available in a higher resolution version for better quality, and a lower resolution version for faster download, either way you can see what a difference Singh-Ray Filters can make in your photography.

Brochure cover photo by Craig M. Tanner.