Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Hot or cold, always bring along your Singh-Ray Filters

The contrast between these two images from Tom Bol and Kevin Spreekmeester offers a clear message--it pays to have the right filters wherever we go and in any kind of weather.

Tom's cool black-and-white image of Moose Falls was taken while leading his Great American Photo Workshop In Yellowstone National Park. "We were on our way into Old Faithful and our snowcoaches stopped at Moose Falls," says Tom. "The trail was icy and the temperature was in the teens, but our group couldn't miss out on the fresh snow in the trees and the beautiful waterfall.

"I knew the bright snow would force a faster shutter speed than I wanted to use, even at f-22. So I put on the Vari-ND filter on my 17-55mm lens and had no problem slowing the shutter down to 6 seconds to get that nice silky effect in the water. When the students saw this image on my LCD, the Vari-ND got passed around so others could get their own shot. I think on my next workshop, I'll bring two Vari-NDs so I always have one to loan out."

Soon after we received Tom's photo, Kevin Spreekmeester sent us a very hot image from the Sahara Desert in Tunisia. "It was shot at sundown with the Singh-Ray LB ColorCombo," says Kevin. "It was unbelievable how the filter's ability to intensify and polarize the light enriched the colors, I might add, there was no loss of sharpness and no unnatural color in the image."

Soon after capturing this image, Kevin and his workshop group were forced to flee from a serious sandstorm--no further word about the four distant camels and their riders.

You can enjoy many more images by Tom Bol and Kevin Spreekmeester by visiting their websites.

Note: Just like your cameras and lenses, Singh-Ray filters are precision photographic equipment, and should be treated with care and common sense. While you can expect great results in the snow or the Sahara, when not in use your filters should be protected from prolonged exposure to extreme weather and temperature conditions and direct bright sunlight. Just keep this in mind when working with your filters, and when you're not using a filter, put it into its padded protective case. With proper care, you'll enjoy years of service from your Singh-Ray Filters.