Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Catching the Waves Like Never Before

Recently Dewitt Jones has been shooting a series of images on breaking waves for a one-man show on Maui. He's sent us this brief progress report.

"The Singh-Ray Vari-ND worked flawlessly—allowing me tremendous freedom to create images that expressed the spirit of the waves I was shooting. Using a slow shutter speed and panning with the waves allowed me to make images that were quite painterly, especially when I combined the Vari-ND with the Singh-Ray Gold-N-Blue Polarizer for added color.

"The Vari-ND really knocked me out, however, when I photographed a wave at high noon with full sun reflecting off it. The Vari-ND slowed my exposure to the point that the intense reflections on the wave became beautiful brush strokes. Truly amazing. No other filter would have allowed me to get this shot!"

You can follow Dewitt's photo adventures in his monthly column, "Basic Jones," in Outdoor Photographer.

A note from the editors...

We apologize for allowing this blog to "stagnate" recently. We will make every effort to update it more regularly in the weeks ahead, as we have some exciting things in the works. If you have an outstanding image made with a Singh-Ray filter, please e-mail it, along with information regarding how the shot was made, the subject, and any other interesting details, to blog [at] singh-ray [dot] com and we will consider it for future inclusion in the blog.

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