Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Two filters are often better than one -- unless it's the LB ColorCombo

Following up on Rick Walker's recent post about using Graduated ND filters, he also has good things to say about combining the Singh-Ray LB Color Intensifier Filter with a polarizer to get the most color along with minimum reflective glare. "The two filters work very well together," says Rick. "Polarizers are usually the key factor in getting colorful photographs of waterfalls as we see in this first image. To help bring out the colors, I 'backed up' my polarizer with the LB Color Intensifier. When I rotate the polarizer, I can see how nicely it removes various reflections and glare from the water and rocks. At the same time, the intensifier is increasing color depth in the image. Scenes that include red foliage and or rock are an excellent application for the LB Color Intensifier, since it retains the rich warm colors seen by the human eye that are sometimes difficult to capture in a photograph.

"This next photo taken on the Blue Ridge parkway near Smoky Mountains National Park illustrates again the benefits of using the LB Color Intensifier coupled with a separate polarizer. The reds and oranges are subtly accentuated, while glare from the tree leaves is reduced to increase the saturation overall. It's worth noting that I purchased an LB ColorCombo polarizer/intensifier soon after this shoot because I liked the combination so well." (Nikon D2X with 70-200mm VR lens.)

You can learn more about Rick Walker's techniques through his podcast programs at and see more of his work on his website.

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