Thursday, November 15, 2007

Now you can recover that old-time glow in your digital infrared images

Renowned outdoor photographer, workshop leader and author Tony Sweet says, "I've long been a fan of infrared photography and -- being from the 'old school' and the days of photo chemistry -- I especially liked the infrared film images and the magical glow that we achieved by over-processing.

"More recently, the advent of digital cameras has changed the look of infrared images. After trying every type of software imaginable to achieve that old-fashioned infrared look in digital, I gave up trying. Then I began shooting images with a converted digital camera in which the hot mirror has been replaced with an IR filter to record pure infrared images. What's lost in this process is the ability to change the look and amount of glow that we could once create during chemical processing.

"Quite recently I have discovered that, simply by adding the Singh-Ray 'Tony Sweet' Soft-Ray Filter in front of the lens, I could replicate that same soft glow I had been missing. After an increase in contrast, the Soft-Ray filter seems to soften the look and increase the glow to my satisfaction, for sure."

Click the image above to more clearly see the difference between shot straight out of the IR converted D200 Nikon and the "old school" image created with the "Tony Sweet" Soft-Ray filter. For a lot more to see and think about, you can visit Tony's website and blog at

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