Thursday, November 01, 2007

Argentine photo adventure included an early surprise... Banditos!

Freelance nature photographer Ethan Meleg from Ontario, Canada, encountered more adventure than expected on his most recent expedition.

"I've just returned from a rather eventful trip to Argentina," explains Ethan. "On the second day there, while in Beunos Aires, our car was stopped by armed bandits who robbed us at gunpoint. We were shaken, but obviously relieved that they didn't kill us. They did however get away with a lot of my camera gear.

"The prospect of being stuck without a camera in such a spectacularly beautiful country left me just a bit deflated," says Ethan. "So I tracked down a camera store in a neighbouring country and was able to buy a Canon EOS Rebel XTi and some other basic gear to supplement the Canon lenses and equipment I had left. I've never been so happy and relieved to have a camera in my hand than at that moment -- it quickly salvaged my mood and the rest of the trip was wonderful.

"Happily," adds Ethan, "I still had most of my Singh-Ray filters, which helped me capture these scenes and many others in beautiful northwestern Argentina. The image above shows the impressive grandeur of the Andes Mountains and the Quebrada de Cafayate in the foreground. It was taken with my "new" Canon Rebel XTi and EF 70-200mm/2.8 lens using my Singh-Ray LB Warming Polarizer and a 4x6" ND grad (handheld). The second image was taken on the road to Cachi with an EF 18-55 lens and Singh-Ray LB Warming Polarizer. What a trip!"

We'll be waiting to see more images from Ethan's Argentine adventure -- both here and on his own nature photography blog that you'll enjoy visiting.

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