Friday, October 12, 2007

Tim Fitzharris is as "Popular" as ever...

This month, subscribers* to Popular Photography & Imaging magazine are treated to an impressive cover photo by Tim Fitzharris, and inside is an informative 4-page article featuring tips for winter shooting -- including basic photographic considerations -- as well as handling weather, travel and other timely challenges.

Tim's cover image was made using a Singh-Ray 1-stop Graduated ND filter, as were several of the other images inside. He also credits the Singh-Ray LB Warming Polarizer. Tim is a master teacher when it comes to using filters to capture the nuances of a scene, so be sure to check out his article and make a point of visiting his website for more examples of his outstanding work, or look up any of his many books for more in-depth information and inspiring images.

*Note: The newstand version has a different cover photo, but the same article is inside the magazine.

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