Monday, October 15, 2007

New Mor-Slo Filter is a very fast way to go much slower...

For those photographers striving for longer... and longer... and even longer time exposures, Singh-Ray has just introduced the Mor-Slo 5-stop Neutral Density Filter.

When it's combined with the Singh-Ray Vari-ND Variable Neutral Density Filter, the new Mor-Slo can help you extend your shutter speeds by as much as 13 f-stops. The 77mm ring-mounted Mor-Slo can also be used -- either by itself or with your polarizers and other filters -- to increase exposure times by an additional five f-stops.

Singh-Ray's unique Vari-ND filter is leading more and more photographers to not only explore the realm of slow motion imaging -- but extremely slow motion as well. Now the Mor-Slo provides a quick, easy way to add density to the Vari-ND Filter without losing the ability to “dial” the degree of neutral density you want. By placing the Mor-Slo 5-stop ND Filter in front of your Vari-ND you can achieve densities at any point between about 7 and 13 f-stops.

The Singh-Ray Mor-Slo is available in either a standard 77mm filter ring that’s threaded on both front and back or in a 77mm thin-mount ring with no front thread. (It can be use in front or behind the Vari-ND as required, as long as BOTH are not the thin-mount ring.)

As a "theoretical" example of how the Vari-ND and the Mor-Slo Filters can team up to produce extremely long exposures, let’s begin with a typical outdoor scene at mid-day. The shutter speed would be slowed from 1/500 at f8 (with no Vari-ND on the lens) to 1/125 at f8 (with the Vari-ND on your lens and set at its minimum density) to as slow as 1/2 second at f8 (with the Vari-ND set to its maximum 8-stop density). At this point, if you were to add the MOR-SLO Filter in front of the Vari-ND, you can slow your exposure to as much as 30 seconds at f8 -- or 4 minutes at f22.

A new page has now been added to the website for easy online ordering of the Mor-Slo 5-stop ND Filter -- it's available now!

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