Thursday, October 18, 2007

Capturing fall colors with an LB Warming Polarizer and ND Grads

You can see why this colorful image captured last September by Jon Cornforth gets full-page treatment in the November issue of Outdoor Photographer. Jon says, "I wanted to capture the ethereal mood of this overcast scene on Mount Ranier's Pinnacle Peak, but there was a 1-stop difference between the multi-colored bushes in the foreground and the brighter cloudy-sky background. First I mounted my Singh-Ray LB Warming Polarizer on the 55mm lens of my Pentax 6x7 II to reduce the glare on the wet leaves. Then I used the lower edge of my 3-stop Soft-Step Graduated Neutral Density filter to control the contrast at the top of the frame. In situations like this, I only need to use the very bottom of the grad's transition, which is about 1 stop." (note: be sure to click the image above to enlarge and see detail.)

When Jon was out this past week shooting the fall colors around his home base in Seattle, Washington, he came upon the scene we see below. "I don't know if I have ever seen the reds on the vine maples so nice. In order to really make this scene 'pop', I used my Singh-Ray LB Warming Polarizer. Anytime I am shooting trees, leaves, or flowers I use my polarizer to eliminate glare."

Jon travels over 6 months of each year, photographing an array of new locations including Alaska and the Yukon, Hawaii, and all along the western U.S. You can see a lot more of his top-notch photography by visiting

And while we're mentioning the November issue of Outdoor Photographer, you'll find some excellent advice on using polarizers and graduated ND filters in Rod Barbee's feature story, "Top 12 Filter Techniques." Rod not only wrote the story but provides all the photos, including several helpful with-and-without-filter examples.

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SAL said...

VERY IMPRESSIVE SHOTS....That's the reason why I choose Singh-Ray filters....