Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A week photographing on Baffin Island: Wednesday

It's mid-week and here's another frosty photo report from Daryl Benson's recent journey to the Baffin Islands around Pond Inlet (Mittimatalik), Bylot Island and Sirmilik National Park way up in the Canadian North.

"In late August, the average daily high temperature for northern Baffin Island is in the high single digits Celsius (less than 50 degrees F). Every clear evening was frost, often quite heavy. Evening's a relative term as it was only duskish for a few hours.

"At 4:00AM it's extremely difficult to escape the gravity well that forms inside a nice warm sleeping bag (especially if you've only been in it for five hours), however the patterns of ice that formed each night always promised new photo opportunities before morning thaw. I'm not sure if there was some harmonious force at work in the formation of frost crystals echoing the shape of this frozen gull feather but it made it worth getting out of bed for."

...and well worth sharing. Be sure to click the image above to see the big picture. Plan on returning tomorrow to enjoy another image from Daryl's Baffin Island expedition.

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