Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A week photographing on Baffin Island: Tuesday

This week we are sharing images, stories and ideas from Daryl Benson's recent trip to the Baffin Islands in the Canadian North. Here's his Tuesday report:

"Icebergs are fairly common in Eclipse Sound, a narrow stretch of sea water (about 12kms wide at this point) that flows between Baffin and Bylot Islands. This pinnacle was attached to a larger iceberg but made for a dramatic image when isolated (by using a long lens with my ColorCombo) against Bylot Island and Kaparoqtalik Glacier in the background. This water is only open for two months of travel by boat each year. The rest of the time it's frozen and easier to cross by snowmobile or dog team.

"It's a popular belief that the Inuit have dozens of words describing snow. In fact, this is not true. They have about the same number of nouns and verbs explaining snow as the English language has. However, in their world "snow" and "ice" are considered the natural state for water to be in, not liquid."

Be sure to click the picture above for an enlarged version, and tune in tomorrow when we present another arctic anecdote from Daryl's Baffin expedition.

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