Monday, September 17, 2007

A week photographing on Baffin Island: Monday

This week we'll be sharing images, stories and ideas from Daryl Benson's recent trip to the Baffin Islands in the Canadian North. Here's his brief report for Monday... "I recently spent almost three weeks photographing on northern Baffin Island around Pond Inlet (Mittimatalik), Bylot Island and Sirmilik National Park.

"The lichen pattern found on this rock reminded me of the work of an Inuit print artist I met while in Cape Dorset, Baffin Island, last year. Her name is Kenojuak Ashevak. She first received attention in the south with a print she did in 1960, called "The Enchanted Owl" which became a Canadian postage stamp.

"This image was made using my Singh-Ray LB Warming Polarizer to help make the blue of the sky deeper and more dramatic." Be sure to click the picture above for an enlarged version to see all the detail in the image.

Stay tuned throughout the week as we present more chapters from Daryl's Baffin expedition.

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