Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Look at the Difference!
(a series showing how optical filters can work for you)

Marc Adamus sends this pair of Oregon coastal landscape images he recently photographed--the left one with no filter and the right one with a Singh-Ray 2-Stop Graduated Neutral Density filter. These photos were featured in a story titled Filters vs. Photoshop by Debbie Grossman in the September 2007 issue of Popular Photography.

Along with these images, Marc offers a few special comments. "You're seeing this 'Ocean Blooms' image before and after I held my 4 x 6-inch Singh-Ray 2-stop hard-step Graduated ND filter in front of the lens. These two versions help explain how important I feel it is to use Graduated NDs to achieve fast, easy and accurate exposure results in the field. They are often the easiest way to achieve natural-looking exposure balance whenever I'm shooting an outdoor scene with a wide dynamic range.

"Over this past summer," adds Marc, "I've begun using the larger Singh-Ray 4x6-inch Graduated ND filters without any holder on the lens. Now when faced with a difficult exposure and rapidly changing light, I quickly take out the appropriate ND Grad and hold it in front on my lens. I even move the filter during longer exposures to reduce any evidence of a transition line. This technique is also easier than attaching a holder when I am also using other screw-in filters on the lens, such as a polarizer."

You'll find more of Marc's images posted here in the coming weeks, but if you don't like waiting that long, check out the other examples in the Popular Photography article, or visit Marc's website.

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