Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Capturing coastal New Jersey
in a beautiful light

His middle name is Ansel, which could be one reason he knows about light. Geoffrey Agrons says, "I'm a radiologist-slash-photographer dreaming of a world suffused with natural light." He loves the "peculiar beauty and haunting glow" of his coastal southern New Jersey homeland and the Delaware Bay, and he has the dramatic photos to prove it.

"About a year ago, soon after I bought my first professional camera, I began using Singh-Ray filters, which promptly opened up a whole new photography experience for me. Most recently, I bought the Singh-Ray LB ColorCombo and I now find I rarely remove it. I used it for this first image--along with a 3-stop Daryl Benson Reverse Graduated ND filter--to fully capture the warm light and long shadows in the dune grass against the backdrop of the quickly changing sky. The exposure was 4 seconds at f22 with my tripod-mounted Canon 1Ds Mark II and 24mm f2.8 lens.

"I made this second image at a wildlife refuge on a very foggy morning," says Geoffrey. "By using the Gold-N-Blue Polarizer with my 3-stop Reverse ND Grad. I was able to transform the diffused milky light into a surprisingly phantasmagorical landscape. The swans, which usually have their own agenda, somehow decided to cooperate and held still for a 1-second exposure at f22 that resulted in a silky golden pond surface yet preserved good detail in the swan's feathers."

To get a more complete picture of Geoff's southern coastal New Jersey lightbox, be sure to visit his website.

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