Friday, August 31, 2007

See how Craig Tanner and his Gold-N-Blue Polarizer rose to the occasion

Among our favorite instructional photo blogs on the internet is Craig Tanner's Light Diary and this week we have been following his daily accounts of a recent 9-day advertising shoot for a real estate client. This is the first image Craig featured (on August 26, 2007) from a series of outdoor images he made during that shoot.

"This is my favorite image," says Craig. "It was shot with my Canon 1Ds Mark II and the 17-40mm f-4 lens plus a Singh-Ray Gold-N-Blue Polarizer and 3-stop hard-step Graduated Neutral Density filter. I dialed the ISO to 400 for an exposure of 1/30th of a second at f5.6. I captured this image on the last day at a location we kept returning to over and over again hoping to get a sky like the one you see here. During most of the shoot we had hazy weather which is not good for a job that's primarily a landscape shoot. Finally perseverance paid off.

"For this project," says Craig, "we brought with us a 34-foot Genie boom lift that elevated and moved me from one vantage point to another as I controlled my position from the basket. The basket can reach a vertical height of 34 feet or it can move up and out from the base. I shot from this location for about an hour as the morning sun was rising and the clouds moved across the horizon. I was constantly changing the position of the basket to get just the right composition. This shot was made as I positioned myself about 12 feet off the ground and hovering over the marsh about 15 feet straight out from the base of the lift. From my experience, the boom lift (which can be towed behind my vehicle) is a much better and safer way to shoot real estate property than flying machines...especially where you don't have any natural changes in elevation.

"I can't overemphasize the huge difference the Gold-N-Blue Polarizer made here--shooting into the light this late in the morning would have been impossible without the Gold-N-Blue and graduated ND filter. My client kept repeating 'I can't believe that is our property' over and over."

In addition to many more images you can see by visiting Craig's Light Diary blog, you will see another of his dramatic landscapes featured in the Singh-Ray Filters ad appearing in the October 2007 issue of Outdoor Photographer.

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