Saturday, November 18, 2006

Soft-Ray Diffusion can turn the ordinary to extraordinary

This report in from Tony Sweet: While on a workshop teaching for Horizon Creative Workshops in Chesapeake City, MD, we visited a local zoo. We walked around as a group and then split up, everyone looking for their own pictures. Although many students found some great animal images, I was noticing the great backlighting and the warm light falling on the bright green grasses. So, I put my efforts into finding nicely backlit/sidelit subjects, using the bright, soft green background.

After finding and taking a "straight shot" of this image, I wasn't moved, but it occurred to me that the Singh-Ray Soft-Ray Diffusion Filter creates a great glow on translucent, backlit subjects like fall leaves. The original leaf in this position was a bit chewed up and not very photogenic, so I "updated" the scene with a fresher looking leaf. I got my 70-200mm, f/2.8 lens shot at 150mm@f/4 to place the subject off center and to fill the frame the greatest amount of soft green tonality. The Soft-Ray filter did its job, creating a soft glow to the gently backlit subject.

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