Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Road Ahead...

Our inaugural image of the road ahead is courtesy of Darwin Wiggett made with Singh-Ray's Gold-N-Blue Polarizer. Darwin has been a leading proponent of the Gold-N-Blue, and a great friend to Singh-Ray, so we're pleased to have him kick things off for us. We thought "the road ahead" was a good way to start off this new blog. Look for more Darwin images down the road...

Welcome to the new "official" blog for Singh-Ray Filters, makers of professional-grade photographic filters for nearly 45 years. Photographers are always sending us new and exciting images made with Singh-Ray filters, and we've decided to use this format to showcase some of the outstanding work that we receive. A lot of this work will be from our "focus group" of top outdoor photography professionals, and from time to time, we'll also include some of the more dramatic work we receive from other Singh-Ray filter users and customers.

This is the "official" Singh-Ray Filters blog, so we won't even pretend to be impartial or objective. We firmly believe that our filters are still the best way to achieve the results you want "in camera" rather than relying on post processing to simulate and manipulate the scene as you remember it. And while we're not impartial, we do intend to present the images along with the comments from the photographers so you will be able to read just what they have to say about how the shots were created, and what benefits Singh-Ray filters added to the final image.

This blog is being maintained by Weir and Gary, who have been part of the Singh-Ray team for over ten years, assisting customers, working with our professional contacts, and providing marketing services for Singh-Ray. We look forward to presenting some great work on this blog, with your help.

If you would like to submit photos shot using Singh-Ray filters to be considered for inclusion in this blog, please e-mail up to four images, maximum 800 pixels on longest side, 200K or less each to blog(at)singh-ray.com (replace the "at" with @). Let us know which filter(s) you used for each image, other relevant technical details, and any other general comments about the photo or stories about the making of the image or your experience using Singh-Ray filters. Please be sure to include your name, mailing address, e-mail address, and web address, and let us know how you would like to be credited should we use your images. Images may carry a non-intrusive watermark, but we prefer unwatermarked images.

NOTICE: By submitting images for consideration, you consent to allow us to display the images on this blog and/or on Singh-Ray.com, and to quote you in full or in part for our promotional purposes without compensation. Also, be advised that we can not prevent the unauthorized downloading of any images on this blog, so by submitting your images, you agree to hold Singh-Ray Corp. and its agents harmless for any unauthorized duplication or use of images presented here or images contained on linked web sites. Not all images submitted will be used, and we ask that you do NOT contact us inquiring if and when your images might be used. Submissions are limited to once every 90 days. More frequent submissions or "badgering" e-mails may disqualify you from consideration.

Now that the legal stuff is out of the way, we do look forward to having fun and presenting outstanding work! Thanks for visiting!