Friday, October 13, 2006

There's more than one way to create digital infrared photos...

Infrared photography is gaining a new popularity among photographers these days. In response to recent questions about our I-Ray Infrared Filter, we have posted at some basic information about the various ways to adapt digital cameras to capture infrared images. There's more to it than placing an I-Ray Filter on the front of your digital camera -- that's because most digital cameras sold after 2000 are equipped with a "hot mirror" optical filter mounted directly in front of the digital sensor specifically to block out infrared light.

We're happy to say there are several possible ways to work around the hot-mirror problem. Before buying any infrared filter to use with a digital camera, look over the information on our site as you consider your various options.

The shots shown here were taken with an unmodified Olympus C-2020Z using the Singh-Ray I-Ray filter. These were exposed normally, and have had no digital manipulation other than to resize them. (Click these images to see larger versions.) There is corner blurring in a couple of the shots resulting from the wide-angle lens attachment, but we kind of like the effect.

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