Thursday, October 12, 2006

Darwin Wiggett unleashes seven new books

The always prolific Canadian-based photographer and author Darwin Wiggett has just released SEVEN new books! First is the hardback book "Niagara Falls" seen here, plus six paperbacks in the "Amazing Photos" series, including the four pictured below, Prairie Provinces, Alberta, The Canadian Rockies and Niagara Falls. Each paperback is 64 pages and list priced at just $9.99, and like the series suggests, they feature Darwin's amazing photos of landscapes and natural treasures in his unique style. We're proud to be the filters of choice for Darwin and play our part in helping him create his work.

"All of these cover shots and almost every photo inside each of these books was filtered with a Singh-Ray filter," says Darwin. "Along with the graduated NDs, I use the new LB ColorCombo, Gold-N-Blue, and the Vari-ND to help get the best image of every scene."

Darwin plans to add many more new titles to the Amazing Photos series. Copies can be ordered through Amazon or your local bookseller. There are many more amazing photos and helpful information at

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